Donating Clothes Made Simple - Donate your pre-loved clothes

Have some clothes you no longer need? Donate your unwanted clothes with a Charity Clothes Collection & Clothes Donation

Book a free charity clothes collection from home and recycle and donate your unwanted clothes to charity

Donate good quality clothes with our convenient charity clothes collection service. Make a positive impact. Schedule a pick-up today

By giving your pre-loved clothing to Donate Clothes, you’ll raise funds for your chosen charity and stop clothes going to landfill

Every year across the UK, over 300,000 tonnes of clothing heads to landfills – that’s a shocking 4 tonnes every 7 minutes. We believe in a better solution – one that both helps the environment and benefits thousands of people around the world.

We accept the following items that are of good quality and in reusable standard:

  • Clothing
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Footwear

All donated items must be of sufficient quality in order to be processed.

Where can I donate my clothes?

Book a free charity bags home collection of your unwanted items:
• Clothing & Footwear
• Jewellery & Accessories
• Homeware & Kitchenware
• Antiques & Collectables
Book a free collection From Home & Recycle and donate your clothes to charity
We specialise in collecting unwanted clothing and other items, and the funds generated from these donations are given to our partnered charities. As a business, we simply would not exist if it wasn’t for the kindness and generosity of the supporters that leave bags outside or get in touch with us to organise bigger collections.

We ensure your clothes donations & other items are put forward to a good cause which in turn helps limits landfill waste and helps the environment at the same time. Arrange a charity clothes collection from your home and pick from a wide range of our partnered charities for your donation. It is completely your choice which charity you want to support!

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